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"Make Your Wedding Party a Success !!!"

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When seeking the right entertainment for your wedding, ALL the people attending should be taken into consideration.

Do you have family & friends of all ages coming to your wedding? 

Do you want, to get everyone dancing and enjoying the evening?


Achieve this by employing :-
A  Fully Professional DJ
Top Quality Wedding Entertainment

A Wedding Day Celebration is usually The Most Expensive Celebration Party of your Life.

The Clothes.
The Venue.
The Cake.
The Decorations
The Photographs
The Vehicles.. 
These Costly Items help to make your day SPECIAL. 

Top Quality Entertainment adds the finishing touch !

You want everyone to remember your special day for

"What a Fantastic Day". 
"Didnt She look Lovely". 
"What a Wonderful Evening".

These are the comments that every Couple want Guests to be saying for Weeks after the Wedding.

A Top Quality Professional DJ &/or Live Entertainment will make your Wedding Party a big Success. 

The Entertainment is as important as having Icing on the Wedding Cake.

THE HIT SQUAD DJs & Entertainment only use DJs & Performers of the Highest Quality.

WE Specialise in Weddings.

Some people try to cut costs by employing an Inexpensive DJ.
When the evening arrives, they are often left disappointed by the DJ not having their choice of music or even not appearing at all !

THE HIT SQUAD believe that Every Party is Unique

We endeavour to put Every Bride & Groom at ease.

We always send out contracts.

We Cater Individually for each and every Party and Guest. 

We Ensure that We Play the Music that The People Who Matter & their Guests want Played.

THE HIT SQUAD only provide Entertainment with Quality Performers, Professional Sound & Lighting Equipment, and a Vast selection of Music from 50s to Current Chart.

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For YOUR Special Day:-

Dont ask amateurs,


"We Play the Music, YOU want to Hear"

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